Issue: Countering Bad Policies

Some laws and policies put forth by gun advocates are not just bad ideas, they are dangerous. The gun lobby not only works against commonsense policies that make it harder for people who should not have guns to get them, but also works to eliminate the few good policies and procedures that Pennsylvania has in place.  We must defend against these misguided and dangerous proposals and counter these bad ideas with action.  Standing up to the gun lobby shows our elected officials that we are serious about change.

Featured Action

Write a Letter to the Editor of your local paper and speak out against bad gun policies.

Speak Out Against Bad Policies
Contact your local paper and make clear where you stand!

The gun lobby wants to eliminate the one strong piece of Pennsylvania’s system for regulating firearms: the Pennsylvania Instant Criminal Background Check System. The Pennsylvania State Police believe this system not only works to block gun sales to prohibited purchasers but has more data than the federal system and has additional benefits to law enforcement agents.

In 2015, these bills are pending in both the State House (HB 763) and Senate (SB 224).

More Actions

  • Oppose Elimination of PICS:
    • Don’t let our legislature eliminate the Pennsylvania Instant Criminal Background Check System.
  • HB 167 – An expansion of 2011’s controversial “stand your ground” legislation (the Florida version of which caused a national uproar during the 2012 Trayvon Martin case) that would eliminate the requirement that, to invoke a self-defense claim under “stand your ground”, the shooter must have had a reasonable belief that he/she had seen a gun on the victim prior to shooting them. Instead, HB 167 allows a defense for shooters who feel that there is a “disparity in size” or feel that they are threatened but outnumbered. Opens up all sorts of dangerous options, many of which could be race-based hate crimes, and must be stopped immediately.

Issue Resources

Here are some other bad ideas that CeaseFirePA opposes. Learn about the legislation below.

  • Expansion of concealed carry laws, allowing more guns to be carried in more places throughout the state.
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