Our Programs
CeaseFirePA provides engagement opportunities for our volunteers to enable them to take a stand against gun violence. From vigils to community meetings, to telephone town halls to our Courtwatch and TrackBack™ programs, our goal is to offer the right opportunity to engage and empower every Pennsylvanian who wants to join the effort.


CeaseFirePA brings volunteers from affected communities to attend sentencing hearings and present testimony about the impact of illegal guns. As a result, in those hearings, the judge has direct evidence of community impact to weigh in the sentencing calculation. Citizens are empowered and given a voice in a critical arena, and the message is sent — to judges, to offenders and to the broader community — that illegal possession and trafficking will have serious consequences. This program began in Philadelphia and is now expanding to Allegheny County.


The TrackBack™ campaign  educates  communities about the sources of crime guns.  It focuses on how legal guns are transformed into illegal guns and, ultimately, crime guns.

Our TrackBack™ program focuses on identifying the sources of crime guns so that we can stop the problem at the source.  Working cooperatively with law enforcement, the program helps educate our communities through outreach and information sharing. When we know where illegal guns originate, it will be possible to develop a solution.

Leadership Institute

The CeaseFirePA Leadership Institute is a comprehensive training and education program designed to enhance the skills, knowledge and confidence of gun violence prevention supporters in PA. The goal is to transform supporters into confidence and successful advocates for change as they take a stand against gun violence.

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