Universal Background Check Rally

Join PA United for Background Checks as we rally in Bucks County

Where: United Christian Church 8525 New Falls Road Levittown, PA 19054

When: October 29 3 PM

Contact CeaseFirePA to RSVP info@ ceasefirepa.org or 215.923.3151

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Keep Americans Safe Act

Today, Rep. Elizabeth Esty announced the introduction of the Keep Americans Safe Act. This act aims to make Americans safer from mass-shootings like the one in Las Vegas last week by preventing the transfer, importation, or possession of magazines able to hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition. Representative Esty, who represents Newtown Connecticut, was joined by three representatives from Nevada: Rep. Jacky Rosen, Rep. Dina Titus, Rep. Ruben Kihuen, and from Florida: Rep. Ted Deutch.


#KeepAmericansSafe with common-sense legislation.

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Tuesday With Toomey

Today CeaseFirePA joined with Tuesdays with Toomey groups to speak outside Senator Toomey’s offices throughout the Commonwealth. With the Las Vegas massacre just days ago, the focus of the events were on sensible gun laws and calling Senator Toomey to action. Executive Director Shira Goodman spoke in Philadelphia, Board Member Fritz Walker in Allentown, Program Director Jeff Dempsey in Harrisburg, and Organizing Director Rob Conroy in Pittsburgh. Our message was clear throughout: CeaseFirePA believes that if Senator Toomey wants to be known as a champion of commonsense gun policy, he must step up and lead. Now is the time to bring members of his party to the table to work for meaningful reform and to reach across the aisle to get this done.  We are calling on him to do so.

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Standing with Las Vegas

In the aftermath of the massacre in Las Vegas, Pennsylvanians across the state came together to remember those affected by the tragic event.

In Philadelphia, hundreds of people joined us in mourning those lost in the shooting and called for unity as well as action to prevent gun violence. Governor Tom Wolf, Attorney General Josh Shapiro, Mayor Jim Kenney, and other elected officials, as well as faith leaders, stood with us to send a message of hope and strength to Las Vegas. “Sending thoughts and prayers to the victims of these tragedies is simply no longer enough,” said Mayor Jim Kenney. “It’s time for our federal and state legislators to step up, do the right thing and enact sensible gun laws that will prevent mass shootings from happening.”


While we mourned in Philadelphia, we—along with the local members of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America—brought dozens of supporters to the Portico of Pittsburgh’s historic City-County Building to mourn the lives lost in the Las Vegas massacre and call for government action to eradicate gun violence. Community leaders and elected officials—including Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto, Pittsburgh City Council President Bruce Kraus, Pittsburgh City Councilman Dan Gilman, local civil rights legend Tim Stevens of the Black Political Empowerment Project (B-PEP) & Greater Pittsburgh Coalition Against Violence (CAV), Wynona Harper of Jamar’s Place of Peace, Rev. Liddy Barlow of Christian Associates of SWPA, and the Reverend Glenn Grayson of Wesley Center AME Zion Church/Center That Cares—all agreed that the time to enact common-sense solutions that will save lives has more than passed and that we must work together to keep our communities safe. “This is the worst mass shooting in history,” said Mayor Peduto, “until the next one… and the one after that… and the one after that.” This violence needs to stop, he said, and our government must step up to do its part.


Click here to learn more about other vigils and events in Pennsylvania and across the country

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When it comes to guns, silence isn’t golden

We wrote to you last week about the alarming legislation moving through Congress that would deregulate firearm silencers and make it easier for dangerous criminals to get them. We generated hundred of emails but now we need you to call your Representative and let him or her know you oppose this bill.

You can use our handy tool to look up your member’s phone number and we’ve provided a brief script below:

Hello. My name is [say your name] I’m Calling today as a constituent concerned about the gun lobby’s attempts to push its dangerous agenda through Congress. In particular, I’m worried about H.R. 3668, the SHARE Act, because it would deregulate gun silencers and make it easier for dangerous criminals to get them. This would make our community less safe and put law enforcement at risk.

Please stand up for the safety of our community and vote NO on the SHARE Act when it comes to the House floor.

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Proof that Silencers Bill is a cash grab

While we’ve known since forever that the gun lobby has its hands in all sorts of legislative initiatives, it’s rare that we have direct proof—and this time, it’s straight from the proverbial horse’s mouth.

Since the beginning of this year, Congress has been threatening to pass H.R. 367, its disingenuously titled “Hearing Protection Act”–i.e., the act that would federally lift most of the restrictions on the sale of silencers. Despite the fact that even 3 out of 4 gun owners oppose reducing regulation of silencers (according to an Americans for Responsible Solutions poll[1]), the traditional gun lobby groups and the American Suppressor Association (ASA) have been aggressively claiming otherwise and are marketing the bill as a way to reduce hearing damage for long-suffering hunters.

We at CeaseFirePA have consistently fought against this legislation, persistently spelling out just how many more gun deaths will result if silencers were deployed, both because gunshots would be very difficult to hear in an active-shooter situation and because medical response would be significantly delayed if others nearby who are not shot would not know that a shooting was occurring.

Thanks in no small part to your advocacy, Congress has not yet moved the bill in its original form. However, it has instead buried its provisions in H.R. 3668, the new “SHARE” (Sportsmen Heritage and Recreational Enhancement) bill that has passed out of Committee and is on its way to a full House vote in the not-so-distant future.

The Huffington Post[2] recently uncovered direct evidence (via a blog post on ASA’s own website[3]) that that the primary (or “lead”) author of H.R. 367 was none other than Michael Williams, the ASA’s now-departed General Counsel. This is a big deal, because the silencer industry—much like the gun industry in general—is in trouble right now, with a rapid decline  in sales since Donald Trump assumed the Presidency in January, and without direct Congressional action, both the ASA and all of the silencer manufacturers that it represents may be facing a near-fatal financial blow[4].  On the other hand, if either H.R. 367 or H.R. 3668 passes, ASA President Knox Williams boasted to the HuffPost that he firmly believes the suppressor industry “could multiply by 10 times”.

This is flat-out pay-to-play politics—the exact opposite of how democracy in America is supposed to work—and your Congressional representatives need to hear about it. The greedy gun lobby has blatantly admitted its role in Congress’s latest maneuver to endanger us and it’s up to us to stop it.

Contact your member of the U.S. House of Representatives and ask them to oppose this bill 

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[2] http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/congress-gun-silencers-bill_us_59b95c08e4b0edff97188620

[3] http://americansuppressorassociation.com/2016-a-year-in-review/

[4] http://taskandpurpose.com/gun-silencer-suppressor-makers-struggling/


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