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Join CeaseFirePA in honoring Senator Bob Casey with our Spring 2021 Keystone Courage Award for his gun safety advocacy.

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CeaseFirePA4 days ago
Things Pennsylvania doesn't have currently:
❌ Lost and Stolen Gun Reporting Requirements
❌ Extreme Risk Protection Orders (for those who are a danger to themselves or others)
❌ Universal Background Checks
❌ Safe Gun Storage

Let's get to work on all of these things in the General Assembly. The lives of thousands of Pennsylvanians are at stake, and a majority of Pennsylvanians support these policies.
CeaseFirePA4 days ago
This map from The Trace shows the immense impact of gun violence on communities across America, just over the last seven years. A really helpful tool to measure the toll of gun violence within your own community. NOTE: this tool does not include data from 2021, so the impact is even worse than what you see here.
CeaseFirePA4 days ago
"Toddlers are discovering guns under piles of clothes and between couch cushions. Teenagers are obtaining untraceable ghost guns made from online kits. Middle school students are carrying handguns for protection." Important coverage from The New York Times on the need for safe gun storage laws.