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The bill was first introduced in the PA Senate on 2/14/2019.


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Tell Senator Toomey to Support S.42.

S.42 will close gaps in our system and ensure that almost every gun sale will go through a background check. This is one of the first bills taken up in this new session of Congress, and we are ready to see it move swiftly. But it can’t get stalled in the Senate. Please ask Senator Toomey to support S.42 today.

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Lawmaker Rankings

Often people will ask us if their legislator supports or opposes commonsense gun violence prevention policies. We have devised a scoring system designed to give citizens a snapshot of where their elected officials stand. Here are the results.

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See who you need to contact to make your voice heard about common sense gun laws.

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CeaseFire Pennsylvania Education Fund condemns this week’s vigilante attacks on protesters in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania

“Fighting for racial justice is difficult and dangerous enough without citizen vigilantes opening fire on ordinary Americans exercising their civic responsibility to make the world a better place,” said Rob Conroy, CeaseFirePA’s organizing director. “While someone dying or being injured is the worst possible outcome, these assaults—even when taken at face value—demonstrate that the failure of our government to establish gun safety laws actively endangers our communities and works to weaken our democracy.”

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CeaseFirePA3 days ago
Our families' safety is at stake in this election, and not just because of COVID-19. Pennsylvania voters have a crucial role to play in electing gun safety champions up and down the ballot this fall.
CeaseFirePA4 days ago
Two years ago today a white supremacist opened fire on a synagogue in Pittsburgh and murdered 11 people. May the victims' memories be a blessing. You have the power to honor them and all victims of gun violence by voting. Vote for gun safety candidates up and down the ballot.
CeaseFirePA5 days ago
We will never forget the Tree of Life massacre and we will honor the victims by striving for a safer Pennsylvania for all.