Tell Judiciary Chair Lisa Baker and Majority Leader Joe Pittman: Pennsylvanians Cannot Wait One Day More for action on gun safety.

This is the time since the PA House sent bipartisan, life-saving gun safety bills to the Senate Judiciary Committee:


10 years After Sandy Hook we must ban assault weapons.



Tell Judiciary Chair Lisa Baker & Majority Leader Joe Pittman: Pennsylvanians Cannot Wait One Day More for action on gun safety.


Honor the Pennsylvanians who courageously fight to end gun violence

Take a stand against gun violence at the State Capitol – our biggest event of the year

The Issues

1600 Pennsylvanians lose their lives to gun violence each year

Gun Violence in Pennsylvania

In every part of the Commonwealth, people are losing their lives to gun violence. We breakdown this uniquely American catastrophe.

Black Pennsylvanians are 21 times more likely to be murdered by a gun

Community Violence

Gun violence is part of the fabric of daily life for too many Pennsylvanians. Everyone then struggles to thrive. Here’s why.

Firearm Suicide

Just 5% of suicide attempts are with a gun but they are so deadly it still accounts for the lives of 900 Pennsylvanians. The connection is clear.

Mass Shootings

PA schools, stores, malls and other public spaces were terrorized by 34 mass shootings in 2020–one every 10 days. Weak laws make them more likely.

Domestic Violence

Women are five times more likely to be killed by an abusive partner if the abuser has access to a gun. No one should live with that threat.

 Be part of the movement.

Regardless of the obstacles and setbacks, together we can make sure everyone is safe.

Behind most gun deaths is a system that’s designed to be deadly

Our new project reveals – through the firsthand accounts of gun violence survivors – how gun deaths are the result of gaps in PA’s firearm safety system. Watch the stories of Pennsylvanians who have suffered loss because of our system that is Deadly by Design.

Latest Updates

“Gun violence is a preventable catastrophe waiting to be stopped. We are turning our belief in a safer world into action and honoring those already lost to this crisis. Together, our advocacy will save a life.”

Adam Garber, CeaseFirePA Executive Director          

CeaseFirePA representative addressing a crowd

A Common Agenda to End Gun Violence

The Pennsylvania Senate hasn’t held a single hearing on evidence-based solutions. Your voice could change that.

Take a Stand

We’ll never stop fighting for a safe, gun violence-free Pennsylvania.
If you share that goal, power our efforts today.

Facing the truth about gun violence in PA