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We proved this is a voting issue! The results will have a major impact on gun violence prevention policy.

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Often people will ask us if their legislator supports or opposes commonsense gun violence prevention policies. We have devised a scoring system designed to give citizens a snapshot of where their elected officials stand. Here are the results.

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CeaseFirePA1 hour ago
Join us for our Ready for Action Rally January 29, 2019. While our legislators have been on recess, gun violence has not taken a break. Let’s remind Harrisburg that gun violence prevention should always be on the agenda. For more information we can be reached at info@ceasefirepa.org or 215-923-3151.
CeaseFirePA15 hours ago
...Over $30,000,000 in debt. NRA, your days are numbered.
CeaseFirePA20 hours ago
The ATF has finally acted to ban bump stocks. But Congress should have done this last year following the wake of the Las Vegas shooting. With 8 in 10 Americans feeling that bump stocks should be banned, this is clearly a bipartisan issue. But we are expecting more -- Congress, get to work on issues of access to firearms, background checks and what kinds of firearms people can have.