Taking a stand against gun violence

Thoughts and Prayers are not enough.

We need action

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Tell Senator Toomey to Support S.42.

S.42 will close gaps in our system and ensure that almost every gun sale will go through a background check. This is one of the first bills taken up in this new session of Congress, and we are ready to see it move swiftly. But it can’t get stalled in the Senate. Please ask Senator Toomey to support S.42 today.

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Lawmaker Rankings

Often people will ask us if their legislator supports or opposes commonsense gun violence prevention policies. We have devised a scoring system designed to give citizens a snapshot of where their elected officials stand. Here are the results.

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See who you need to contact to make your voice heard about common sense gun laws.

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CeaseFirePA4 hours ago
We are deeply saddened to hear about the loss of Jermey Richman, whose 1st grade daughter, Avielle Richman, was lost in the Sandy Hook shooting. His work in advocating for #CommonSense will not be forgotten, we will #HonorWithAction. If you or someone you know is in crisis, please reach out for help, national suicide hotline tel:1-800-273-825
CeaseFirePA8 hours ago
Our oped in the Pennsylvania Capital-Star:

Our elected officials have failed to lead, instead choosing inaction and caving in to a greedy gun lobby that does all it can to ensure that nothing changes.

But could the pattern change? Could we do what New Zealand has done? Could we take action while we mourn? Could we honor the victims and survivors of so much gun violence with meaningful action?
CeaseFirePA1 day ago
‪The Parkland community is still facing the aftermath of last year’s tragedy. The scars left by mass shootings are real!‬

‪If you or someone you know is in crisis, please reach out for help. national suicide hotline: 1-800-273-825‬