Taking a stand against gun violence

Thoughts and Prayers are not enough.

We need action.

Spring 2021 Keystone Courage Award Presentation

Join CeaseFirePA in honoring Senator Bob Casey with our Spring 2021 Keystone Courage Award for his gun safety advocacy.

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Common Agenda to End gun violence

CeaseFirePA is leading a coalition of nearly 100 groups across Pennsylvania to combat gun violence with a trio of evidence-based policy solutions. Read more to learn and get involved.

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CeaseFirePA3 days ago
Thank you Governor Tom Wolf!

Pennsylvania is fortunate to have a gun safety advocate in its Governor’s Office.
CeaseFirePA1 week ago
“Today, Elon will #WearOrange instead of his usual school uniform to remember the children killed by gun violence in Philadelphia, some as young as him.
We remember those lost, and support those who grieve for a child, parent, friend or coworker killed by an American-made epidemic. Yet there is no need to rush development of cures to this public health crisis — they have existed for years.

But our politicians’ refusal to enact solutions means even more Pennsylvanians will #WearOrange next year to honor additional lives lost to gun violence. Until that changes, we won’t rest in our calls for a safer society. It is our duty to those we've lost and to those who've lost not to stop fighting until gun violence cures are the law of the land.”

-Adam Garber, CeaseFirePA Executive Director
CeaseFirePA1 week ago