Our Work

Our Work

No one is free from gun violence in PA

until we’re all safe.

Every five hours a Pennsylvanian dies from gun violence on average. Here is how we can end this devastation.

33 people are killed by gunfire every week in PA

Common Agenda to End Gun Violence

The Common Agenda brings together more than 130 organizations to advocate for solutions that will save lives.

Save Our Streets rally speaker

Invest in Safer Communities

Our campaign advocates for funding at each level of government to support these violence prevention and intervention efforts.

Meeting in Hallway for Lost and Stolen case with the Public Interest Law Center and Saul Ewing

Reporting Lost or Stolen Firearms

Simply requiring owners to report stolen firearms could slow illegal firearm trafficking. Pennsylvania doesn’t require it–yet.

glass of alcohol, gun and bullets on a table

Extreme Risk Protection Orders

Most people provide clear warning signs they are considering suicide. With an ERPO, loved ones can act before it’s too late.

gun and paperwork

Universal Background Checks

27,000 Pennsylvanians whose background checks were denied in 2020 could still buy an assault rifle from an individual. We must close this loophole.”

Elected officials visit street memorial

Defending Gun Safety Laws

Our gun safety laws are saving lives every day. We’re standing between them and the NRA who wants to dismantle each of them.

Additional Issues


Empowering Local Government

Every day local officials face their constituents demanding an end to gun violence.


Ending Stand Your Ground

Stand your ground allows people to shoot first, even when they can retreat safely. It’s time to end this deadly law.


Safe Storage

Ensuring every gun is secured could prevent suicide and mass shootings.

Next Steps

Governor Wolf signing Act 79

Disarming Abusers

Guns make domestic violence more fatal. We came together to disarm known abusers.

CeaseFirePA and other groups rally at the rotunda

A Safer PA is possible

The Common Agenda to End Gun Violence is popular, not radical. Join the 130 organizations and thousands of supporters today.

Protest over permitless carry

Saving lives from gun violence

For twenty years, we’ve help make PA safer. Learn how.

Take a Stand

We’ll never stop fighting for a safe, gun violence-free Pennsylvania. If you share that goal, power our efforts today.

Facing the truth about gun violence in PA