Our Values

Our Values

CeaseFirePA is a values-led, human-focused organization dedicated to ending the epidemic of gun violence in Pennsylvania. Every project we work on, every organization we partner with and every action we coordinate is done so with care, consideration and the respect these issues — and those impacted by them, either directly or indirectly — deserve.

In our role as educators, we act as Approachable Experts, turning our conviction and deep understanding into knowledge and information that’s accessible and digestible, not prohibitive in any way. In our role as watchdogs, we act as Urgent Messengers, not letting our legislators ignore life-saving solutions while reinforcing the gravity of the tragedies caused by gun violence and the plethora of solutions, every chance we have. 

As the leader of a broad, active coalition, we must be Compassionate Connectors, bringing together stakeholders from across the state, respecting the stories of survivors, recognizing that gun violence comes in different forms and that their collective voices should generate clear calls to action. 

As frequent collaborators, we are proud to be Humble Partners — we’re on the ground listening to, and partnering with, communities across the state, and are honored they share their expertise with us. 

And finally, this work requires dedication. It requires hustle. It requires relentlessness. As Aggressive Advocates, we act quickly, speak forcefully and push for the solutions to the problems we see. Our asks are clear, and we name names. 

If this sounds like you, join us. And if this makes you uncomfortable, it’s time to ask yourself why.


woman testifying in court in front of a judge

Disarming abusers

Led efforts for landmark legislation to take firearms away from perpetrators of domestic violence.

hands exchanging money for a gun

Tracking Illegal Firearms

The Track & Trace program helps identify sources of crime guns–and cut them off.

Governor Wolfe talks about community violence prevention

Investing in Community Violence Prevention

Won $50 million in new funding for local organizations to interrupt and prevent violence in 2021.

Take a Stand

We’ll never stop fighting for a safe, gun violence-free Pennsylvania. If you share that goal, power our efforts today.

Facing the truth about gun violence in PA