Take Action

Take Action

coalition of groups at the rotunda

It’s time for a Common Agenda

We’ve built a coalition focused on a multi-pronged strategy to cut all forms of gun violence. But, Harrisburg hasn’t held a single hearing on them in three years. Your voice could change that.

Save Our Streets rally speaker

Invest in Safer Communities. Cut violence up to 50%

Smart investments in community-led intervention programs can save lives. It’s up to our legislators to provide the resources.

person wearing gloves taking guns out of car

Help End Illegal firearm trafficking

Requiring reporting of lost or stolen firearms can cut illegal gun movement 46 percent. That prevents homicides.

woman testifying in court

A lifesaving tool: Extreme Risk Protection Orders

Every 10 firearms removed by an Extreme Risk Protection Orders saves one life. This tool has worked in 19 states, it is time for Pennsylvania to join that list.

Gun display at WalMart

A waiting period will save a life

Three days isn’t too long to wait for a firearm, and it will save someone’s life. It’s time Harrisburg put one in place.

young girl finding a gun in a drawer

Lock up your guns

4.6 million children live with unsecured firearms. A safe storage law would make gun owners’ moral obligation a legal one, saving lives.



CeaseFirePA spokesman with megaphone

Volunteer to End Gun Violence

Someone is killed with a gun every 5 hours in PA. We’re building a movement to end that. And we need you to be part of it.

Take a Stand

We’ll never stop fighting for a safe, gun violence-free Pennsylvania. If you share that goal, power our efforts today.