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Spring 2021 Keystone Courage Award Presentation

Join CeaseFirePA in honoring Senator Bob Casey with our Spring 2021 Keystone Courage Award for his gun safety advocacy.

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CeaseFirePA is leading a coalition of nearly 100 groups across Pennsylvania to combat gun violence with a trio of evidence-based policy solutions. Read more to learn and get involved.

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CeaseFirePA15 hours ago
CeaseFirePA18 hours ago
'Guns are inherently dangerous, and just because we’re gun experts doesn’t mean that we’re immune from the bad things that guns can do,” Busse said. “Like if you take a thousand people and give them all cars, eventually there’s going to be a car accident.”'
CeaseFirePA20 hours ago
By tomorrow, a PA Senate committee could pass a bill to let out-of-state organizations like the NRA sue towns that enact gun safety measures--and force taxpayers to pay the legal fees. Tell your state senator to OPPOSE SB 448, "punitive preemption." https://ceasefirepa.salsalabs.org/pasenatepunitivepreempt