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CeaseFirePA is working in communities across Pennsylvania to build support from the ground up for reforms to reduce gun violence, stop the flow of illegal guns into our communities and keep guns out of the hands of those who should not have them.  For too long, our leaders in Harrisburg have neglected their duty to enact the commonsense reforms their constituents want.  It is time for action.

Get started! Sign the Pledge and take a stand against gun violence in Pennsylvania. Learn about the key issues and how to take action to help make them a reality.  Every action counts, every letter, every call, every visit – see how to take action now!  

Sometimes reform is slow, but we know we are making progress.  To see how our collective action is making a difference, read about some of our successes in Our Accomplishments.

Key Issues & Actions

Improving the Background Check System

Current Action: Demand Background Checks on all guns sold in PA

Background checks are a good idea and an effective policy. Background checks work to block purchases to people who are not allowed to buy guns because of their criminal records or mental health history. But loopholes exist in the background check system that enable some of those people  to get guns. We can fix this.

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Lost & Stolen Gun Reporting

Current Action: Demand a Statewide Lost or Stolen Gun Reporting Law

Mandatory reporting of Lost or Stolen firearms is designed to crack down on some of the major sources of crime guns: loss, theft, and straw purchasers – people who buy guns and then sell them illegally to people who can’t buy them on their own.  The police tell us that this commonsense law helps them identify traffickers and straw purchasers.

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Countering Bad Policies

Current Action: Oppose Proposed ‘Eliminate PICS’, ‘Parking Lots’ and ‘Concealed Carry’ Bills

The State House Judiciary Committee is considering a surprise agenda of at least three firearms related bills, all of which are extremely dangerous for Pennsylvania. We need to let our legislators know that this is unacceptable.

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Other Issues to Watch

Current Action: Support the creation of a Gun Violence Restraining Order

Following in the footsteps of states that have enacted similar laws to prevent gun violence, including TX, CT,CA, and IN, the intent of this legislation is to provide a mechanism for families, friends, and others, to petition the court for a firearm restraining order when there is good cause to believe an individual poses an immediate threat tot he safety of a family, household member, or other person by possessing or having a firearm, other weapon, or ammunition in his/her custody or control.

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