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Hundreds Virtually Lobby for Common Agenda to End Gun Violence

For Immediate Release: March 23, 2021 For More Information: Adam Garber, CeaseFire PA Executive Director, (267) 515-1220, Frances Patano, CeaseFirePA Communications Manager, Video recording available upon request....

First-ever Gun Show Bans Ghost Guns, Slowing Flow of Deadly Crime Guns

Attorney General Shapiro’s historic agreement with Eagle Arms Productions will slow the flow of these weapons into criminal enterprises and violent individuals’ hands. Other gun show promoters shouldn’t wait for a sting to stop the sale of ghost gun kits like the Polymer 80.

CeaseFire Pennsylvania Education Fund condemns this week’s vigilante attacks on protesters in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania

“Fighting for racial justice is difficult and dangerous enough without citizen vigilantes opening fire on ordinary Americans exercising their civic responsibility to make the world a better place,” said Rob Conroy, CeaseFirePA’s organizing director. “While someone dying or being injured is the worst possible outcome, these assaults—even when taken at face value—demonstrate that the failure of our government to establish gun safety laws actively endangers our communities and works to weaken our democracy.”

Shut Down The School Shooting Hoodies

Shut Down The School Shooting Hoodies

Bstroy claims it was trying to be ironic by promoting these sweatshirts. There is nothing ironic about gun violence.  There is only the real trauma suffered by survivors and victims’ families.

Senator Toomey Seems Confused and Upset

Senator Toomey Seems Confused and Upset

In a news article about our advocacy for S 42, the Senate version of the strong bipartisan background check bill that passed the House earlier this year, Senator Pat Toomey accused CeaseFirePA of "flip-flopping on bipartisan background checks." The senator is wrong...

Facing the truth about gun violence in PA