After standing shoulder to shoulder with gun safety legislative champions in the Capitol yesterday to launch our new campaign pressuring the Senate to not waste one day more on inaction[1], we have some more great news of progress coming out of the PA House today. But we need our supporters to act now to keep up the momentum

Today, the PA House Judiciary Committee passed a safe storage bill that would require gun owners in homes where children may be present to securely store their firearms[2]. This policy is proven to prevent unintentional shootings, youth suicides, and school shootings. The next step in the legislative process is consideration by the full House.

You still have time to ask your Representative to support this legislation before a full House floor vote takes place. Please take a minute and ask them to co-sponsor the bill and show support prior to a full House floor vote.

Make no mistake – this bill would save lives here in Pennsylvania. 

Last year in Erie, Pennsylvania, a 14-year-old girl was killed by a shotgun blast to the head. Her 16-year-old boyfriend had unintentionally fired the gun, which was legally owned by an adult and was unsecured in the house.[3] The gun had already previously been taken away from the 16-year-old by an adult who then again failed to securely store it. It was a tragic loss of life, ruining two families’ lives–and this bill could have prevented it had it been law. 

Firearm injuries are now a leading cause of death among young children and teenagers in the U.S.[4] Your advocacy can make a difference in our Commonwealth, and protect kids in Pennsylvania from these preventable shootings. Take action today.









Facing the truth about gun violence in PA