This morning our op-ed was published in the Pennsylvania Capital Star. Here is an excerpt:

You have to keep your eyes wide open during budget season – things get hidden in code bills, deals get made, and bills that are supposed to do one thing all of sudden become vehicles to do something else.

This is happening right now as the Pennsylvania House and Senate take up legislation (SB621) sponsored by Sen. Mike Regan, R-Cumberland. It’s a measure focused on school security that has now become a vehicle to arm teachers.

We all want our schools to be safe places for students to learn and teachers to teach.  And for the most part, they are.

Despite what we see in the news and the growing focus on school shootings, schools are some of the safest places for our children, with only a very small percentage of homicides of school-age children occurring on school grounds, on the way to or from school or during school-sponsored events.

We need your help! Please email your Representative today and ask them to VOTE NO on final consideration of SB 621 when it comes up. Click here to email your Representative.

Facing the truth about gun violence in PA