For Immediate Release:
June 8, 2022

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Adam Garber, CeaseFirePA Action Executive Director, (267) 515-1220,


STATEMENT: Rare Maneuver In PA Senate Demands Action on Life Saving Gun Safety Bills

Harrisburg — The Pennsylvania Senate Democrats, after attending far too many funerals and helping communities recover from gun violence for too long, are trying to force action in the General Assembly after 1,335 days since the last gun violence prevention legislation was passed. They filed discharge resolutions on six evidence-based, broadly-popular policies that have languished in Committee without even a hearing.

Adam Garber, CeaseFirePA Action Executive Director, issued the following statement:

“There are problems we do not know how to solve. Then there are problems we refuse to solve. Gun violence is the latter. For nearly four years, Pennsylvanians have experienced a slow-moving massacre from gun violence that has taken the lives of more than 6,000 people, all while the legislature did nothing to address the crisis, and even passed legislation to worsen the bloodshed. 

“The bare minimum duty for Senate leaders Ward and Corman is to allow a serious discussion on evidence-based solutions to gun violence. And then they should allow votes – because Pennsylvanians deserve to know where their Senators stand on this public health crisis. Are they going to allow this loss of life to continue, or meet their first obligation of ensuring their constituents are safe?”

The discharge resolutions are for the following pieces of legislation that would:

  • Close gaps in the background check system (Senate Bill 88, Senator Hughes)
  • Establish Extreme Risk Protection Orders to prevent suicides and mass shootings (Senate Bill 134, Sen. Fontana)
  • Tackle illegal firearm trafficking by requiring the reporting of lost or stolen firearms (Senate Bill 217, Tartaglione)
  • Save children’s lives by requiring safe storage of firearms in the home (Senate Bills 581 & 582, Sen. Santarsiero)
  • Establish three-day waiting periods for firearm transfers to reduce suicides and gun violence (Senate Bill 761, Sen. Cappelletti)


As the Commonwealth’s leading gun violence prevention organization, CeaseFirePA Action works to ensure everyone can live a life free from gun violence. We organize with communities closest to the issue, hold those in power accountable, and maximize the strengths of every member in our broad coalition.

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