Next week, the PA Senate Judiciary Committee is holding two days of hearings (Tuesday at 9:00 am and Wednesday at 1:00 pm) on “behavioral health, the second amendment, and other gun issues.” We’ve been optimistic that there will be serious discussion about several life-saving policies, like Extreme Risk Protection Orders, background checks, lost and stolen reporting and safe storage.  And, we’ve been counting on Judiciary Chair Baker’s announcement that the hearings are “a prelude to action.”

Yesterday, the House Judiciary Committee announced it was holding a voting meeting at the same time as the Senate hearings (Tuesday at 9:00 am).  There will be no testimony and no expert presentations, just committee members (hopefully) debating and voting. And, none of the key policies mentioned above are on the agenda.  Instead, the House Judiciary Committee is taking up the Sue Our Cities Bill, a bill to expand the ability of Pennsylvanians to transport firearms in their cars, and harsher penalties for those who commit crimes with guns.  In other words, exactly what we’ve always seen from Harrisburg.

There are two things we need you to do:

  1. Call House Judiciary Chair Rob Kauffman and ask him why the committee is failing to consider life saving measures and when those will be on his agenda. His number is (717) 264-3943.
  2. Join us Wednesday Sept. 25 before the second day of the Senate hearings at 12 noon in the North Office Building for a press conference.
Facing the truth about gun violence in PA