Each election cycle CeaseFire Pennsylvania, the advocacy arm of CeaseFirePA, aims to asses the dedication to gun violence prevention policies from all candidates across the commonwealth.  We believe that voters all over PA should be able to quickly and easily see if candidates running in their districts are supportive of the policies that we believe reduce gun violence and save lives.

Below is the list of candidates that have received CeaseFire Pennsylvania’s Commonsense Candidate designation.  This designation means that candidates in a competitive race completed and received a very high score on our candidate questionnaire .  This designation does not mean CeaseFire Pennsylvania is making a formal endorsement in the race, rather it is highlighting candidates with a firm understanding of issues and an expressed dedication to supporting policies that will make a difference.  CeaseFire Pennsylvania endorsements will be reserved for select key races and will be announced in the coming weeks.

CeaseFire Pennsylvania’s Commonsense Candidates

PA Senate

SD4: Sen. Art Haywood

SD 6: Tina Davis

SD10: Steve Santarsiero

SD12: Maria Collett

SD 16: Mark Pinsley

SD 24: Lina Fields

SD 26: Tim Kearney

SD 26: Sen. McGarrigle

SD 28: Judith Higgins

SD 30: Emily Best

SD 44: Katie Muth

PA House

HD8: Lisa Boeving-Learned

HD13: Sue Walker

HD14: Amy Fazio

HD26: Pam Hacker

HD28: Emily Skopov

HD29: Andrew Dixon

HD30: Betsy Monroe

HD31: Rep. Perry Warren

HD41: Michele Wherley

HD44: Michele Knoll

HD46: Byron Timmins

HD53: Steve Malagari

HD59: Clare Dooley

HD61: Liz Hanbidge

HD74: Dan Williams

HD83: Airneezer Page

HD84: Linda Sosniak

HD87: Sean Quinlan

HD88: Jean Foschi

HD91: Marty Qually

HD92: Shanna Danielson

HD101: Cesar Liriano

HD106: Jill Linta

HD122: Kara Scott

HD134: Tom Applebach

HD137: Amy Cozze

HD142: Lauren Lareau

HD143: Wendy Ullman

HD144: Meredith Buck

HD145: Brian Kline

HD146: Joe Ciresi

HD147: Josh Camson

HD150: Joe Webster

HD151: Rep. Todd Stephens & Sara Johnson Rothman

HD152: Rep. Tom Murt & Daryl Boling

HD153: Ben Sanchez

HD154: Steve McCarter

HD155: Danielle Friel Otten

HD156: Rep. Carolyn Comitta

HD157: Rep. Warren Kampf & Melissa Shusterman

HD158: Rep. Eric Roe & Christina Sappey

HD161:  Rep. Leanne Krueger-Braneky

HD163: Rep. Jamie Santora & Mike Zabel

HD165: Jennifer O’Mara

HD166: Rep. Greg Vitali

HD167: Rep. Duane Milne & Kristine Howard

HD168: Kristin Seale

HD176: Claudette Williams

HD177: Joe Hohenstein

HD178: Rep. Helen Tai

HD181: Malcolm Kenyatta

HD183: Jason Ruff

HD189 Adam Rodriguez

HD194: Rep. Pam DeLissio

HD199: Sherwood McGinnis

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