What an amazing day! Our Rally in the Rotunda was a huge success!  We filled the steps, the halls, and the whole Capitol with folks calling for expanding the PA background check system to cover the private sale of long guns.

Newly sworn in Senator Tom Killion (R, Delaware County) said, “In 13 years serving in the House of Representatives, I have never seen a crowd this size in the Rotunda of the Capitol.”

We didn’t use tired talking points or scare tactics like our opponents do. We came to Harrisburg with an inspiring coalition of survivors, police officers, legislators, mayors, religious leaders and regular moms, dads, and kids. After the rally, we turned our energy into action as we visited legislators and demanded support for life-saving legislation.

The way to make change is with a unified voice, folks from all backgrounds from all over PA coming together to call for simple action. Thank you for being part of this!

Facing the truth about gun violence in PA