In the United States, Gun Violence remains a constant threat of unneeded brutality and death for far too many. Events that occurred this past weekend around the country showed once again that Gun Violence is a problem that needs to be dealt with and soon. Among the startling 219 incidents of Gun Violence that occurred this weekend nationwide, there are some that are particularly disturbing. These include:


  • 3 shot and killed in an Auburn, AL Nightclub
  • 6 people killed in two shootings in Appling, GA
  • High School student and his date injured at High School Prom in Antigo, WI
  • Series of execution-style shootings in Pike County, OH leave 8 dead, while 3 surviving children, the oldest of which being 3 years old, remain without family
  • 2 killed in their home in Ramsey, MN
  • 5 injured after assailant fired into crowd of people at Halifax, VA bar, one still being treated for life-threatening injuries
  • 5 injured in shooting in Flint, MI
  • 4 members of Federal Task Force shot at motel in Topeka, KS
  • Man killed wife then committed suicide at home in Westmoreland County, PA
  • Man killed during church service in Montgomery County after altercation between two members
  • Women forced into vehicle at gunpoint, where she was assaulted
  • 8 incidents of Gun Violence in Philadelphia, killing a total of 5 people and injuring another

All of these incidents are a continuing reminder of the widespread and ever-present dangers that Gun Violence presents to people around the country, and specifically in our state.

Facing the truth about gun violence in PA