Once again gun violence has shattered our country, this time in El Paso Texas. Today, families went to the mall to go back to school shopping and were met with a barrage of gunfire.

Our hearts break for the families whose lives are changed forever. CeaseFirePA stands with the community of El Paso in solidarity as the city mourns.

Often the media only covers high profile shootings like the one last week in Gilroy, California that left 4 dead. Ignored by the media were mass shootings in Brooklyn and Philadelphia. Mass shootings do not make up the majority of gun violence in America yet these high profile incidents are what seem to be what prompts a conversation on how gun violence can be prevented. We hope El Paso was the last tragedy needed to spur the meaningful conversation required across the country to address gun violence that inspires action.  

This shooting will not break us. We will not lose hope and we will continue to push for policies and programs that save lives. 

Facing the truth about gun violence in PA