Yesterday, on the same day as the National Vigil for Gun Violence Victims, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to pass national mandatory concealed carry reciprocity- the bill which says if you can carry in any state you can carry in every state. They did this despite the warnings of law enforcement that this is dangerous and that it undermines state and local authority.

They gave an early Christmas gift to the greedy gun lobby.

The good news is that 8 of PA’s 17 sitting reps voted No, including three key Republicans. These 8 recognized the danger and stood up for the safety of Pennsylvanians. Please join us in thanking them. And if your rep was one of the other 9, make sure he knows how disappointed you are that he put the gun lobby ahead of you.

Votes against the bill (good votes)

Bob Brady 1st district
Dwight Evans 2nd district
Ryan Costello 6th district
Pat Meehan 7th district
Brian Fitzpatrick 8th district
Brendan Boyle 13th district
Mike Doyle 14th district
Matthew Cartwright 17th district

Votes for the bill (bad votes)

Mike Kelly 3rd district
Scott Perry 4th district
Glenn Thompson 5th district
Bill Shuster 9th district
Tom Marino 10th district
Lou Barletta 11th district
Keith Rothfus 12th district
Charlie Dent 15th district
Lloyd Smucker 16th district

Facing the truth about gun violence in PA