Philadelphia, PA — Today, CeaseFirePA’s Executive Director, Adam Garber, issued the following statement in response to a Kenosha, Wisconsin jury finding Kyle Rittenhouse “not guilty” on all five charges.

“The trial made one thing perfectly clear: Rittenhouse’s military-style rifle and the threatening manner in which he wielded it only served to heighten tensions and invite deadly conflict. This dangerous verdict sends a clear message to would-be vigilantes across Pennsylvania: you can insert yourself into dangerous situations, threaten those around you with a lethal weapon, shoot and kill with impunity, and then claim “self-defense” and face zero consequences.

“I am furious that this morally wrong behavior will now face no consequences. I am fearful vigilantes will be emboldened to threaten the public because they are not likely to face any consequence. Today’s verdict undermines every American’s Constitutional right protected by the First Amendment to make their voices heard as they advocate for a better, safer world. It should worry everyone.”

Facing the truth about gun violence in PA