On Monday, the clothing company Bstroy began promoting sweatshirts bearing the names of Sandy Hook, Columbine, and Marjory Stoneman Douglas and riddled with holes designed to look like bullet holes. This is unacceptable and offensive.

Today a coalition of gun violence prevention organizations and advocates are calling on Shopify, the e-commerce company hosting Bstroy’s store, to shut them down. Read the letter we sent to Shopify:

Dear Shopify,

As the United States continues to be plagued by gun violence, one of your vendors, Bstroy, is promoting sweatshirts bearing the names of schools that have suffered mass shootings and riddled with holes designed to look like bullet holes.

Bstroy claims it was trying to be ironic by promoting these sweatshirts. There is nothing ironic about gun violence.  There is only the real trauma suffered by survivors and victims’ families.

We are calling on you to take action and cancel your contract with Bstroy.

If Bstroy’s designers, Duey Catorze and Brick Owens wanted to make an artistic statement about gun violence, they are ways they could have done so.
In the past weeks, major businesses have demonstrated leadership and good business sense by calling for legislative action on gun violence prevention policies and changing their own policies about sales of guns and ammunition and about carrying weapons into their stores.  Your customers are asking you to step up and call out this egregious act by Bstroy.
Arizonans for Gun Safety
The Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus
Fred Guttenberg
Gun Sense Vermont
Guns Down America
March For Our Lives PA
Newtown Action Alliance
Orange Ribbons for Jaime
Orange Wave for Gun Safety
States United to Prevent Gun Violence
Stop Handgun Violence
Survivors Empowered Action Fund
WAVE Educational Fund
If you want Shopify to take action click here to send them an email.
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