Today the U.S. House passed HR 8, the bill to establish comprehensive

background checks. The vote was 240-190. 8 Republicans, including one

from PA, voted yes.  Only two democrats voted no.  Here is how the Pennsylvania delegation voted:


Brian Fitzpatrick, R — 1st district — yes

Brendan Boyle, D, 2nd district – yes

Dwight Evans, D, 3rd district – yes

Madeleine Dean, D, 4th district – yes

Mary Gay Scanlon, D, 5th district -yes

Chrissy Houlahan, D, 6th district – yes

Susan Wild, D, 7th district – yes

Matt Cartwright, D, 8th district – yes

Dan Meuser,R, 9th district- no

Scott Perry, R, 10th district – no

Lloyd Smucker, R, 11th district – no

12th district vacant

John Joyce, R, 13th district – no

Guy Reschenthaler, R, 14th district – no

Glenn Thompson, R, 15th district – no

Mike Kelly, R, 16th district – no

Connor Lamb, D, 17th district – yes

Mike Doyle, D, 18th district – yes


HR 8 fills many of the gaps left by the 1994 background check bill, and will

now cover private sales (sales by unlicensed dealers on the internet,

in person, at gun shows, etc). This is a very big deal, and a much

stronger bill than we were working for in 2013 when the Senate Bill by

Manchin and Toomey was the goal. One note, the bill passed with a bad anti-immigrant amendment   

that requires some information sharing with ICE. The goal will be to get a final bill without it.


Now, there’s an effort to pass the Senate version SB 42.  We’ll be

focused on Senator Toomey. However, getting it moving in the Senate at all

will be tough, especially because the President has already threatened

a veto. So, there is much work ahead. But make no mistake, this is a

big deal, and the first bill to pass out of either chamber in years!


Please thank your Rep for voting yes, and if your Rep voted no, let him know how out of touch he is!

Facing the truth about gun violence in PA