The PA legislature has the chance to do something that makes sense and saves lives: enact an extreme risk protection order bill.This bill creates a civil court process family members and law enforcement can use to temporarily bar access to firearms by a family member at risk of harming himself or others. Over a dozen states have this type of process, and it is preventing suicides, and likely homicides and mass shootings.  ERPO is another tool families can use to make sure their loved ones can stay safe at times of crisis.

Think about it: family usually knows first when something is wrong and can spot warning signs in a loved one’s behavior. Ask your Representative to sign on to HB 1075, joining Republicans and Democrats across the Commonwealth in working to bring this commonsense measure to a vote.

We need this law. It makes sense and will save lives. Ask your Representative to be part of the solution and sign on to HB 1075.

Facing the truth about gun violence in PA