For Immediate Release:
August 16, 2022

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Adam Garber, CeaseFirePA Action Executive Director, (267) 515-1220,  

CeaseFirePA Action Endorses 62 Gun Safety Champions for 2022 Election

Philadelphia, PA—Today, CeaseFirePA Action, the Commonwealth’s leading gun violence prevention advocacy organization, endorsed a slate of candidates capable of achieving a gun safety majority in the Pennsylvania General Assembly that will put Pennsylvanians’ lives first.

“Since the last election, the Pennsylvania General Assembly has not only refused to address rising gun violence, they’ve actively pushed legislation to worsen the crisis. They have ignored pleas from survivors, parents, doctors and faith leaders. When colleagues attempted to discuss life-saving solutions with bipartisan support, they were shut down on multiple occasions. And meanwhile, gun violence in the Commonwealth has reached bloody heights with 1,752 killed in 2020,” said Adam Garber, CeaseFirePA Action’s Executive Director. “It’s time to elect a majority of legislators who understand that their first job is to keep us safe–and that starts with tackling the gun violence that touches every corner of the Commonwealth, from staggering levels of firearm suicide in rural areas such as Wayne and Fayette counties, to the community-level violence plaguing Harrisburg, Philadelphia and countless other cities, to the ever-present fear of gun violence in every community in between.”

“Today, we’re proud to endorse a slate of legislators who, when elected this fall, will put the lives of Pennsylvanians first. In the coming weeks, we’ll be launching our most significant effort yet to ensure voters know what is on the ballot this fall: the safety of them and their families where they shop, learn, worship, and live.”


  • Attorney General Josh Shapiro for Governor
  • Representative Austin Davis for Lieutenant Governor


  • District 4 Senator Arthur Haywood
  • District 6 Ann Marie Mitchell
  • District 8 Senator Tony Williams
  • District 10 Senator Steve Santarsiero
  • District 12 Senator Maria Collett
  • District 16 Mark Pinsley
  • District 18 Senator Lisa Boscola
  • District 24 Jill Dennin
  • District 26 Senator Tim Kearney
  • District 38 Senator Lindsey Williams
  • District 40 Jennifer Anne Shukatis
  • District 42 Senator Wayne Fontana
  • District 44 Senator Katie Muth


  • District 19 Aerion Abney
  • District 21 Rep. Sara Inamarrato
  • District 22 Joshua Siegel
  • District 23 Rep. Dan Frankel
  • District 24 La’Tasha Mayes
  • District 26 Paul Friel
  • District 29 Tim Brennan
  • District 30 Arvind Venkat
  • District 31 Rep. Perry Warren
  • District 33 Mandy Steele
  • District 36 Rep. Jessica Benham
  • District 38 Rep. Nick Piscottano
  • District 49 Izzy Smith-Wade-El
  • District 53 Rep. Steve Malagri
  • District 54 Greg Scott
  • District 61 Rep. Liz Hanbidge
  • District 74 Rep. Dan Williams
  • District 82 Paul Tacak
  • District 88 Sara Agerton
  • District 95 Rep. Carol Hill-Evans
  • District 105 Justin Fleming
  • District 118 James Haddock
  • District 119 Ed Malacari
  • District 121 Rep. Eddie Pashinski
  • District 131 Kevin Branco
  • District 137 Anna Thomas
  • District 142 Mark Moffa
  • District 143 Gwen Stoltz
  • District 144 Brian Munroe
  • District 149 Rep. Tim Briggs
  • District 151 Rep. Todd Stephens
  • District 153 Rep. Ben Sanchez
  • District 154 Rep. Napoleon Nelson
  • District 156 Christopher Pielli
  • District 159 Rep. Carol Kazeem
  • District 160 Cathy Spahr
  • District 161 Rep. Leanne Krueger
  • District 165 Rep. Jen O’Mara
  • District 178 Ilya Breyman
  • District 181 Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta
  • District 182 Ben Waxman
  • District 186 Rep. Jordan Harris
  • District 188 Rep. Rick Krajewski
  • District 189 Tarah Probst
  • District 191 Rep. Joanna McClinton
  • District 195 Rep. Donna Bullock
  • District 201 Rep. Stephen Kinsey


As the Commonwealth’s leading gun violence prevention organization, CeaseFirePA works to ensure everyone can live a life free from gun violence. We organize with communities closest to the issue, hold those in power accountable, and maximize the strengths of every member in our broad coalition.

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