April 11, 2022
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Major Federal Action Ends Ghost Guns as “Weapon of Choice” for Criminals

Philadelphia, PA – Over the last few years, law enforcement observed a dangerous trend: the rising use of “ghost guns.” These are mostly-built firearms that you can purchase online without going through a background check. These guns do not have serial numbers, making them close to impossible for law enforcement to track and trace. In Philadelphia, one of the few municipalities that monitor ghost gun recovery, the number of ghost guns grew five-fold in the last three years

A new U.S. Department of Justice rule that will be announced by President Biden this afternoon will change that trend. With this new rule, these kits that can be turned into fully-functioning firearms in less than an hour with simple tools, will now have to meet the same rules as other guns: serial numbers on the frame and a background check before purchase.

CeaseFirePA Education Fund’s Executive Director, Adam Garber, issued the following statement:

“Ghost guns destroy lives just like a regular firearm. But for too long, a legal loophole allowed abusers, criminals, and violent Pennsylvanians to buy one without any of the safeguards we rely on. They took the lives of Pennsylvanians at an ever-increasing rate while law enforcement had few options to do anything but recover the next ghost gun at the next crime scene.

“Today we’re safer because President Biden is enshrining an obvious fact into law: ghost guns are firearms. The fewer criminals that have access to these deadly weapons, the more lives that will be saved.

“After a year with the highest rate of gun homicide on record in Pennsylvania, today is the first step on a long road to ensuring every Pennsylvanian can live a life free from gun violence. We look forward to the General Assembly, Congress, and President Biden taking the next step soon.”


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