About Us

About Us

Our Vision

A life without gun violence that allows people from every community across the commonwealth to thrive — where communities feel safe, because they are safe.

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CeaseFirePA organizes with communities closest to the issue, holds those in power accountable and maximizes the strengths of every member in its broad coalition — understanding that the strongest work is work done by many.

Our Story

Gun violence in Pennsylvania takes the lives and injures 4,500 Pennsylvanians every year. That’s a death every five hours. A gun-inflicted suicide every 10 hours. And you are 21 times more likely to die by gun homicide if you are Black. And, everyday our General Assembly refuses to enact simple solutions, people die.

For twenty years, we’ve worked to end this epidemic by advocating for the most important, impactful gun violence prevention legislation in Pennsylvania, and consistently stood up to the gun lobby when they’ve tried to punish local officials working to save lives or repeal important gun safety laws already in place. We galvanize the public to advocate for solutions, partner with those most impacted by gun violence, engineer rapid response campaigns, and hold politicians accountable for the votes they cast and legislation they draft, ensuring that those closest to the issues are receiving the support they need and bringing groups of all kinds together from all across the state, from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, from Erie to York. It’s why we’re recognized as the Commonwealth’s leading organization to address this public health crisis. Learn our whole story.


Adam Garber

Executive Director


Before joining CeaseFire PA, he worked to protect everyone from dangers in the marketplace at U.S. PIRG where his independent investigations into toxic toys, dangerous cars, contaminated food and other threats received national coverage …
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Alicia Andrews

Board Chair


Alicia Andrews is President of the CeaseFirePA Education Fund and CeaseFirePA Action Boards of Directors. In her professional experiences, she has witnessed first-hand the indelible…
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Brandon Flood

Deputy Director for Government Affairs



A survivor of gun violence with more than a decade of advocacy in Harrisburg, Brandon leads our lobbying and policy efforts for a safer PA.
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Josh Fleitman

Campaign Director




His background is in policy, politics, and communications at the local, state, and federal government levels. He previously served as Deputy Chief of Staff to PA State Senator Pam Iovino and…
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Carol Lastowka

Southeast PA Coordinator



Carol joined the gun violence prevention movement from a belief that responsible gun ownership and gun safety must go hand in hand. As a lifelong hunter and a gun owner, Carol is dedicated to advocating for legislation… 
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Beth Foringer

Southwest PA Coordinator



Beth is a passionate mom who has dedicated herself to ending the gun violence epidemic. She leads CeaseFirePA’s grassroots work in Southwest PA…
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woman testifying in court in front of a judge

Disarming abusers

Led efforts for landmark legislation to take firearms away from perpetrators of domestic violence.

hands exchanging money for a gun

Tracking Illegal Firearms

The Track & Trace program helps identify sources of crime guns–and cut them off.

Governor Wolfe talks about community violence prevention

Investing in Community Violence Prevention

Won $50 million in new funding for local organizations to interrupt and prevent violence in 2021.

Take a Stand

We’ll never stop fighting for a safe, gun violence-free Pennsylvania. If you share that goal, power our efforts today.

Facing the truth about gun violence in PA