On to the House!

This afternoon the PA Senate passed SB501.  This bill is a vital step in the fight against intimate partner violence and domestic abuse.  Now, this bill will move to the PA House.  Please call your State Representative and urge them to support this bill.

A bit about SB501:

In PA, half of the yearly deaths committed by intimate partners involved a firearm. Moreover, experts cite the first 48 hours following issuance of a Protection from Abuse order as the most lethal. SB 501 not only shortens the amount of time an individual with an active, final Protection from Abuse order has to relinquish their guns, but also–for the first time ever–mandates that every final protection from abuse order must require that abusers relinquish their guns.

Under current law, abusers have two months to turn in their guns and need only give them to any third party outside of their home–that could be a best friend or relative. If passed, SB 501 would shorten that time to two days and require that the firearms are either turned over to the police or to a licensed firearms dealer.

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March For Our Lives Bus Seats & List of Events Across PA

March 24th will be the March for our Lives.  CeaseFirePA is taking buses of people to Washington DC.  There are still spots available.  If you would like to ride to DC and march with CeaseFirePA please follow the link below.  Also, below is an ongoing list of events being held across the Commonwealth to support the March for our Lives.  If the event falls on a day other than the 24th it is noted.  


Allentown/ Lehigh Valley
Hosted by: Leigh Valley for All
IBEW Hall 7th and Walnut Allentown

Beavery County Courthouse 810 3rd St. Beaver PA

Fountain in Bloomsburg Main & Market St.

Hosted by: Bucks Students Demand Action
Borough of Doylestown 57 W. Court St. Doylestown PA

Center Square Easton N.3rd St. Easton PA

3/23 4:00PM
Westmoreland County Courthouse 2 N. Main St. Greensburg

Capitol Steps Harrisburg PA 17120

Binn’s Park 100 N. Queen St. Lancaster PA

Market St in front of the Post Office

Diamond Park Meadville PA

Rose Tree Park 1671 N. Providence Rd

Mercer County Courthouse

Norristown Farm Park Whitehall Road & Sterigere St. Norristown PA

City-County Building 436 Grant St.

Riverfront Park-Rotary Pavilion
140 College Drive Pottstown

City Park interstation of Rose Garden Rd and Constitutio Blvd Reading PA

Friday 6:00 PM
St. Lukes Episcopal Church 232 Wyoming Ave. Scranton

State College
12:00 PM
Allen St. Gates College Ave. State College
State College Area HS PSU Old Main 1248 Longfellow Lane

Courthouse Square 9 W. Main St. Stroudsburg

West Chester
Historic Chester County Courthouse 2 N. High St. West Chester

Market Square 3rd & Market St. Williamsport

10:00 AM
Downtown York 28 E. Market St. York PA


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Student Advocacy Toolkit

Given the amazing outcry from students across the US, we at CeaseFirePA wanted to created a toolkit that students can use to be the best advocates for gun violence prevention that they can.  Inside is everything from tips on advocacy, to a history of nexus between students and guns, to fast facts about gun violence.  Take a look!


Student Advocate Toolkit

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POTUS calls out Scaredy PAT

“You’re afraid of the NRA.” That’s what President Trump said to Senator Toomey yesterday on live television while addressing gun violence prevention.
President Trump went on to endorse expanded background checks and even showed openness to an assault weapons ban and a gun violence restraining order process. To be clear, we are only cautiously optimistic about the President’s comments and we are mindful that he received more money from the NRA that any Presidential candidate in history.
But if President Trump can come out and support reforms to make us safer, Senator Toomey should be endorsing an entire agenda of Gun Violence Prevention reform.
Can you email Senator Toomey and ask him to stand up to the NRA, support an assault weapons ban and reintroduce a strengthened Manchin-Toomey background check bill?

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Yet again we are horrified, angry, in mourning. The school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida was the 18th shooting on school grounds in the first 45 days of 2018. During that time, most districts had only 36 days of school. That ratio — a school shooting  every other day — is incomprehensible.

Except that it’s true. And now, as we bury the dead, tend to the injured and work to help our kids cope with this trauma, there will be an inevitable focus on why this happened.

But I urge you to ask a different question: how. The answer is that once again, someone got easy access to a semi-automatic rifle and high capacity magazines and committed mass murder in the place our kids are supposed to be safest.

This happens over and over again in America. And we can take steps to stop it. We can and must work on the issues of access to guns, regulation of assault weapons, storage of guns, and the elevation of a right over any regulation or responsibility.

We are committed to this work, and we are honored to be standing with you in this fight.

Thank you for helping us change the answer to how, so hopefully we can stop asking why.

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No more thoughts and prayers PA needs action!

In the last 24 hours, we have learned of two deadly mass shootings in PA, one in Reading and one in Fayette County.  While investigations are ongoing, we know at least four men were killed in Reading, and at least five people were killed in Fayette County.  Already, information is indicating that the Fayette County shooter was armed with a semi-automatic assault rifle and was motivated by domestic issues.

This story is not surprising.  The mix of domestic disputes and guns is often fatal.  The easy access to guns in PA, particularly semi-automatic rifles which can be sold in private sales without background checks, only increases the danger inherent in these situations.

To have two mass shootings so close together in our state is itself horrifying.  But late Friday afternoon, we also learned that at least one, and possibly two, school shootings were averted in Western PA by the quick action of students, parents, the schools and law enforcement. In  the suspected student’s home, police found an arsenal, including a semi-automatic rifle.

We need to know how the shooters are obtaining these weapons, and we need to take steps to prevent such access. We can and must do more in Pennsylvania to keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have them.  “We know how to do it,” said CeaseFirePA Executive Director Shira Goodman, “but our elected officials in Harrisburg lack the will to take action.”

Goodman continued, “We simply cannot afford to go on this way.  Undoubtedly, officials will offer thoughts and prayers to the victims and survivors, but without a commitment to take action, those gestures are meaningless.”

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