Rob Conroy

CeaseFire Pennsylvania Education Fund condemns this week’s vigilante attacks on protesters in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania

“Fighting for racial justice is difficult and dangerous enough without citizen vigilantes opening fire on ordinary Americans exercising their civic responsibility to make the world a better place,” said Rob Conroy, CeaseFirePA’s organizing director. “While someone dying or being injured is the worst possible outcome, these assaults—even when taken at face value—demonstrate that the failure of our government to establish gun safety laws actively endangers our communities and works to weaken our democracy.”

CeaseFirePA stands with Communities of Color against systemic violence

In the wake of the murder of George Floyd and the resulting protests against the ongoing violence regularly and systematically inflicted upon African-American communities, CeaseFirePA Executive Director Adam Garber issued the following statement: George Floyd's death...

Will 3D Guns be printable tomorrow? Don’t ask President Trump.

3D guns are on their way… or are they? Even President Trump—whose State Department’s controversial settlement with Defense Distributed reversed all previous State Department positions to allow anyone with access to a 3D printer and Lego-level plastic to print his/her...